The Autumn Tag 2018

The Autumn Tag 2018

I absolutely love this time of year. There is something I find so cosy and calming about the change in the weather and the big jumpers. Everything about this time of year is something I love, and so I thought – in the spirit of the change in seasons – I would do the autumn tag. I absolutely love the idea of this tag, and I know that by the time I am finished answering all the questions, I will feel so excited about Autumn.

1) What signifies the start of autumn to you?
I mean I love autumn so much that it is probably the 1stSeptember. I know this isn’t officially autumn, but I feel like I can get away with getting excited for autumn as soon as September begins. As well as that, the fall of leaves is always a good one to signify the start of autumn.

2) Best way to spend a rainy day?
I absolutely love rainy days. 100% the best way to spend one is with continuous cups of tea, lots of snacks and a good old rom com!

3) Your most fond autumn memory?
Bonfire night is probably my 2ndfavourite event of the whole year – after Christmas. I just absolutely love it and last year, we hosted our very own bonfire night – fireworks and all. It was such a lovely evening, we had a huge bonfire, lots of hot food and some of our family friends there. That was probably my most fond autumn memory because I had such a lovely evening.

4) Favourite fall scent?
Probably not a surprise with my last answer, but it has to be bonfires. I know this is quite a generic answer haha, but I just love the smell. There is something so cosy about bonfires and I just love them!

5) What are you most excited for this fall?
I would normally say bonfires (no surprise there), but this year I am spending Halloween with friends. I have never been to a Halloween party and dressed up for it, so I am really looking forward to that. I am still yet to come up with an outfit, so any suggestions would be welcomed in the comments.

6) Favourite autumn song?
A song that always reminds me of Autumn is ‘Spirit in The Sky’ by Norman Greenbaum. I spent one Halloween working on one of those scary mazes, and this song was played on a continuous loop I’m sure haha. Whenever I hear it, it always reminds me of Autumn and, in particular, Halloween.

7) Favourite autumn movie?
I feel as though I am meant to say some horror movie – with it being Halloween and all – but to be honest in the cosy weather, I just love a classic rom com. The Notebook, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Dirty Dancing… I mean I could go on forever! Any good rom com on a rainy day is perfect.

8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this autumn?
I always find that in autumn, there are some really good dramas on the TV. So, any of the coming dramas I am really looking forward to. On Sunday, as you are reading this, there is the finale of the drama ‘The Bodyguard’ on the TV, and I honestly cannot wait to see how that ends. If you haven’t been watching, I would 100% recommend!

9) Favourite autumn colour?
Now, up until this year, I would have probably said orange – the classic autumn colour (pumpkins, crunchy leaves, etc.), I have been seeing some really cool mustard yellow outfits that I have been loving so far this year. So, I might have to lean towards yellow right now. Although, having said that, I have just bought a ‘burnt-orange’ coat, so I definitely still love orange.

10) Favourite fall fashion trend?
I have always loved big jumpers and coats. I practically lived in them at 6thForm, and to be honest still do. Big jumpers are just my favourite fashion trend of all time let alone autumn haha! Also, recently, I have been meaning to get some long dungarees. I absolutely love the look of these this time of year with a long-sleeved jumper underneath.

11) Your most loved outdoor fall activity?
Dog walks at this time of year have always been my favourite. I love the sound of the crunchy leaves and the feeling of getting wrapped up warm to go outside. I also like getting in from a walk and warming up with a cup of tea. Autumn walks are definitely my favourite!

As I have said at the start of this tag, I absolutely love autumn and everything to do with this time of year. I would love to know in the comments; what are your favourite things about autumn? Also, feel free to answer any of the questions yourself in the comments below – I would love to know!

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