My "Feel Better" Routine

My "Feel Better" Routine

As I am writing this, I am a little under the weather. For the past day or two I have had a headache and sore throat. When I am feeling a little less well, there a definitely things that I do to make myself feel better. I feel as though over the years I have come up with a bit of a “Feel Better” Routine for when I just want to relax until I am back to myself again. So, with that being said, I thought I would share the little things I like to do to make myself feel better when I’m a little under the weather.

• Cup Of Tea •

If you have been reading this blog for a while, this will come as no surprise to you. Any excuse to drink a little more tea than usual, I am more than happy to take it. I love a cup of Yorkshire Tea, and there is something really cosy and homely about tea that makes me feel more relaxed and better in myself. I think it’s almost like a comfort blanket haha, something that can be a quick solution to make me feel a little better.

• Comfort Food •

Along with my cup of tea, I like to have the ultimate comfort foods when I am not feeling well. My favourite meal of all time is salmon tagliatelle, so I would say this is something that I will always have. But also, the more obvious comfort foods, such as soup or a casserole. Anything really hearty and homely, I love to have when I’m feeling under the weather.

• Comfy Clothes •

There’s nothing better than getting into really cosy clothes to help you feel more relaxed if you are a little unwell. I always love to throw on my favourite pyjamas, fluffy socks and a dressing gown. Comfy clothes seem to make everything cosier, and so they are definitely part of my “Feel Better” Routine.

• My Favourite Film/ TV Show •

I have always been one to grab loads of blankets and sit in front of the TV to watch my favourite film/ TV show when I am not feeling 100%. If it were a film, it would of course be ‘The Notebook’ for me, I just absolutely love that film. And if I were to watch a TV Show when I was feeling a little unwell, it would probably be Gilmore Girls because this is my ultimate relaxing show to watch.

• YouTube and Blogging •

For me, there is something really relaxing about watching chilled YouTube videos and finding lovely blog posts to read. This is definitely something I love to do to relax and so it is a key part of my “Feel Better” Routine.

These are definitely the 5 main things I do when I am under the weather, and they never fail to cheer me up and make me feel better.

I would love to know in the comments; what does your “Feel Better” Routine look like?

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