Music Monthly Favourites | September 2018

Music Monthly Favourites | September 2018

It’s that time again where I sit down and go through my music monthly favourites. September has been a good month for music, I have found some really cool singers and some great songs. I am writing this post today in university – which is very exciting. I am not in a lecture (don’t worry I’m not getting distracted haha), I am actually in a Costa. I never blog anywhere other than home, but I have to say I think this Costa might become another ‘blog writing spot’. I would recommend the hot chocolate as well – it was a bit of a rushed decision, but it is delicious so would 100% recommend. Anyway, it seems I’ve got side-tracked, back to the music. Here are my music monthly favourites for September 2018.

• Blind Eyed (feat. Sam Tomkins) – Ren •

My brother showed me a video of Sam Tomkins and Ren performing this song on the streets of Brighton and I absolutely loved it straight away. It is so different to anything I’ve heard before t and the way they perform it is really entertaining. In fact, I think I might prefer the live version of the song. They are clearly really passionate about music and they perform the song brilliantly – I will leave the performance linked here:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W-MXP8B5zk <<

• You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles •

If you’ve watched some of my recent YouTube videos, you’ll have heard me talk about this song. I found this song through a covered version, and I am really loving listening to it. This genre of music is one of my favourites and this song is so catchy. It’s also one that I feel you can listen to whether you want an upbeat song or a chilled song – a happy in-between. The cover I came across was from Dana Williams, which brings me onto my next favourite…

• Dana Williams •

I first came across Dana Williams when her song was played in the Lucy Hale movie ‘Dude’. I quickly found myself listening to more of her covers and original songs and I absolutely love her voice – it’s so unique. Some of my favourite covers are ‘You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me’ and ‘Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind – (Bob Dylan)’. She is so talented, and I really love her sound.

• Linger – The Cranberries •

This is a song that has been played at family parties for years, and I have always enjoyed it. But recently my Dad mentioned the song again and said I should listen to it. So, I did, and I really love it. It is such a classic and I can’t believe I haven’t listened to it properly all these years. I am so glad I have now, and it is one I instantly added to my playlists.

• Sally MacLennane – The Pogues •

If you didn’t know, I come from an Irish family, and so I always love listening to Irish music. This is a song I actually came across on one of my friend’s playlists. Her boyfriend also has Irish family and he had made the playlist for her, so this song appeared on the list. I don’t think I had ever listened to it properly before. It is another one that was probably played at loads of family parties but that I had never properly sat down and had a listen to. But, when I heard the song on her playlist, I absolutely loved it – it might be one of my favourite Irish songs!

For anyone interested in my location haha, I have now moved to a bench where I am looking over a lake writing this post. It’s actually really lovely to be out and about writing – would highly recommend haha.

• Man Down – Rihanna •

Another song that I found through a cover (that I will leave here), but I think this song is great in itself. It’s a super interesting concept and I would recommend looking up Rihanna’s thoughts behind the meaning of the song. I think the song itself is really upbeat and easy to listen to. This is an older Rihanna song I think, but I really have only just discovered it, I really like listening to it.

• All I Can Do Is Cry – Etta James •

I found this song whilst I was scrolling through YouTube – like most of the songs this month it seems. I came across Beyoncé’s version from the film ‘Cadillac Records’and I really liked the way she performed it. Listening to Etta James’ version, her voice carries the song so well and I feel like she gets the angry emotions of the song through without sounding too harsh. I really like this song and I think it has a lot of sass to it, which I also love haha!

• Untitled – Rex Orange County •

I love Rex Orange County, and all of his songs are really original and cool. I think I came across this song on Emma Chamberlain’s Spotify. I like her taste in music and so follow her on Spotify and I happened to see her listening to this. Having then listened to it, I think it is a really chill song and I love it. Rex Orange County has really great music, and this song is no different!

•It’s Alright – The Big Push •

Another one I came across on YouTube haha. One of the singers is actually Ren, from my first music monthly favourite. His voice sounds amazing in this. I think this song is being released soon, but the performance was in August. It is such a happy upbeat song and I cant wait for it to be properly released on Spotify so I can add it to my music and playlists. It is definitely a song to put you in a good mood and I love songs that are happy. I will leave the YouTube link here:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E0DXdVS8Tg <<

That’s it for this month – quite a mix of music. As you can probably see, I listen to quite a wide range of music haha, and so I think that is why I am always finding new songs I love. I never seem to struggle to think of the songs I have been listening to in a month because I am constantly adding songs to different playlists.

I would love to know in the comments – what music have you been loving this month?

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