6 Months Of Blogging

6 Months Of Blogging

I am so excited to write this blog post, I feel as though it is a little achievement in terms of my blog and it makes me really happy that I have reached this little milestone. So, a little announcement… I have officially been blogging for 6 months! 6 months ago today I took the leap to launch my blog and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have done. I absolutely love blogging and feel as though I have found something I am really passionate about. And so, with that being said, I thought it was important to mark the 6 month point of my blog.

I first of all just want to say, anyone who has taking the time to read a post or leave a comment or send me a lovely tweet – thank you! Thank you so much for coming to have a little read of my blog and being supportive along the way. I really appreciate it and its lovely to think that something I have written is being read my something who might be interested. So, thank you so much to anyone who has spent time on my blog, whether that be to read one post or read them all.

In this blog post, whilst it being a bit of a celebration on my corner of the internet, I also want to share what I have loved, what I have learnt and what I would recommend to those thinking of starting a blog.

• Highlights •

First of all, I wanted to share my favourite moments of blogging so far, because there have been so many positives that I have taken from blogging in the past 6 months.

The day I spent at Blogosphere Magazine was one of my favourite days ever – and that’s honestly no exaggeration. I was involved in the ‘Meet The Subscribers’ series, and so went to their offices to meet the team and chat all things blogging. All the team at Blogosphere were so lovely and really took the time to make me feel welcome and appreciated as a subscriber. I was a huge fan of the magazine before I spent time there, and my love for Blogosphere Magazine has only grown since that experience. Such genuinely lovely people who really care about blogging as well as those who are a fan of their magazine. I’ll leave my interview here:

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiJhvuY4UlM <<

Since starting my blog in March, I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing community surrounding not only bloggers in general, but those new to blogging too. From twitter chats to accounts set up specifically to support bloggers, there is a lovely and encouraging community out there – which is amazing to see. I don’t think I fully considered that there was such a community of support out there before I started blogging, so I really was pleasantly surprised. It has definitely made me more motivated and inspired by other bloggers around me.

I think one of the highlights of doing my blog is that it is something that I have worked really hard on. Of course, I chat to people about my blog and get inspiration from those around me, but it really is just me who works on this blog. The planning, the pictures, the writing – everything about my blog has come from my mind and I am (not to blow my own trumpet) pretty proud of that. I don’t think I have worked on something by myself before. At school, of course, I worked on my exams` but it wasn’t really the same. I wanted to do well at school, but it wasn’t necessarily a passion of mine. And so, I am very happy that I have not only found something I am passionate about, but that I have also worked on every aspect of something that I love and have put something I have wanted to do for years out there on the internet.

• What Has Changed •

There are a few things that I have definitely adapted since starting my blog, and even though making a change seems like a big decision at the time, it can be quite exciting and refreshing.

Potentially the biggest change I have made to my blog. I was happy with my first design, but I wanted my blog to look fresher and feel cleaner. The previous design was fine, but I knew I could do better and make the overall aesthetic of my blogger more accessible and easier to navigate. I made everything a lot simpler and I think it’s one of my favourite changes so far.

A smaller change, but it has definitely opened up the topics that I discuss on my blog. Not long ago, I added a ‘BEAUTY’ and ‘STYLE’ tab to my blog. I was already mentioning style and beauty anyway, and so thought I would give them their own section. Not that I am any expert when it comes to either of those topics, but it is something that interests me and so it is a change to my blog that I am really happy about.

Now, I know this isn’t directly related to my actual blog, but it is a key part of my space on the internet and I like the link that I can make between my blog and YouTube channel. I started my channel on 6thJune 2018 and I am honestly so happy that I did. Just like over here on my blog, I absolutely love creating content for my YouTube channel and it has very quickly become my favourite hobby alongside blogging. Since I was 13, I have always wanted to create a channel, and so finally doing that at the age of 19 was such a fun thing so do – even if it was a little scary at first. I can honestly say without this blog I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to start a YouTube channel, so that is another reason I am so grateful that I created my corner of the internet.

• My Advice •

I wouldn’t say that I am fully qualified to give anyone direct advice about starting a blog. But from my own experiences, I have a few things that I would definitely say to someone thinking about starting a blog.

A little bit of a cliché but so true. Write about what you want to, take pictures that you love to take and design your blog how you would like to. Being yourself in this online space is something that I love to see from content creators and something I would recommend to anyone about to start. It’s also way more fun to speak about things you love than to discuss a topic that you think other people would want to hear about. You will also find that the people who read you blog will be more like yourself if you are yourself online and I think that is a lovely thing to find.

Starting a blog can often be the most difficult part, but it is of course an essential step. It took me years to start my own blog, but I can honestly say that even though it can feel daunting, it was one of the best decisions I have made. Getting started is also the only way to find what you love to write about and how and where you want your blog to go. Also, don’t worry if before you start you don’t feel ready or are unsure of what to discuss – this will all come in time and you’ll find that learning along the way is a key part of blogging. I am still learning, adapting and making changes now – that is half the fun of it.

There is such a supportive community out their – especially on twitter. Finding this community and talking to other bloggers online is so reassuring and such a lovely thing to do. As I have said, this is one of the highlights of blogging for me and so if you can find supportive accounts, I would definitely recommend. Some accounts on twitter that I love are: @BlogosphereM @GRLPOWERCHAT @BLOGGERLS @BloggerHQ @allthoseblogs @BloggingGals – there are so many more, and I am sure I have forgotten some, but start with these and I’m sure you’ll find loads more!

So that concludes my little 6 months celebration over here on my blog. The past 6 months has gone so fast, but it has been one of my favourite 6 months ever – and this blog has every bit to do with that.

I just want to say, again, thank you so much if you have taken the time to read even just one of my posts. I really appreciate anyone who follows this blog, or my YouTube channel, and I can’t thank you enough!

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