The Perfect Summer Coat

The Perfect Summer Coat

In summer, there will always be days where it isn’t as sunny as others – especially in the UK. And I always used to find it difficult to know what to wear. I still wanted to be summery and bright, but also wanted to make sure the breeze didn’t bother me throughout the day. This is when I looked to find the perfect summer coat – something I could throw on that was light but also ideal for the days when the weather was more dull than usual in the summer months.

First of all, the colour of this coat is so lovely. It is the perfect bright shade which allows me to still look summery whilst also keeping a bit warmer. I often buy darker colour coats, mainly because the coats I own are usually bought in winter. So, looking to buy a lighter coat was fun and meant that I had more choices with outfits.This coat itself is from Zara, there will be a variety of similar coats linked at the bottom of this post.

What I also love is the shape of this jacket, particularly on the back. The two dimensions of the coat at the back allow it to be more flattering and gives a different look to the overall outfit. I love the shaping because it isn’t like the usual ‘flat-back’ coats (if that’s a term haha) that I usually buy, and so I love having something different in my wardrobe.

There are so many options of how to style this jacket, which means it is super easy to wear. I love this coat because it can be thrown on over pretty much anything and really does brighten the outfit. It’s also super lightweight which is ideal for summer and can just be tied around my waist if it gets too warm. This coat would also act as a great transition coat between summer and autumn, which is often hard to come by. 

I would love to know in the comments any coats you love to wear in the summer and where your favourites places to get them from are?

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