Make-Up Starter Kit

Make-Up Starter Kit

When I was younger and first getting into makeup, I used to read so many posts and watch so many videos about what the perfect makeup starter kit was. I think that of course when you first start wearing makeup, a little bit of concealer, lip-gloss and mascara is where everyone seems to start. However, there is a time (at least there was for me anyway) when you might want to start wearing more makeup and learning more about it. With that being said, here are the products I would recommend having in your makeup starter kit.


For me, getting the base of my foundation right is key for the rest of my makeup to come together.
  • Foundation – I would recommend a light foundation, such as No.7 Essentially Natural. 
  • Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is my 100% top recommendation.
  • Powder – to set everything! Rimmel do a great setting powder.

Shaping my face with a compact kit is ideal.
  • All In One – Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette is the perfect compact that includes a bronzer, blusher and highlight; which is the perfect place to start when learning to shape your face.

Having a basic few eye products in your starter kit is essential!
  • Brow Kit – the Sleek Eyebrow Kit contains everything you could need for brows
  • Eyeshadow palette – there are so many palettes to choose from and having one that is affordable but can also achieve so many looks is key. Here is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, but any preferred palette will be great.
  • Mascara – drugstore mascaras are great, so finding one that suits you is super easy.


The finishing touch to any makeup look is lips.
  • Lip-gloss – like I said, having a lip gloss is for sure a part of everyone’s first makeup products!
  • Lipstick – having a natural lip colour is handy in a starter kit.

To bring everything together and make application easy.
  • Real Techniques – this amazing brand by Sam&Nic have super affordable good quality brushes for any starter kit; from face, to eyes, to lips. Sleek also do great, affordable brushes. 

That is everything I would recommend for a makeup starter kit. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy these products all at once, but gradually adding them to your collection is a fun way of getting into makeup.

What would you recommend having in your makeup start kit?


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