Back To School Lunch Ideas

Back To School Lunch Ideas

I was always someone who took a packed lunch with me to school, as opposed to eating the lunches at school. So, over the many years at school, I definitely found my favourite things to take in a pack-up. These lunch ideas are super easy and can either be prepared the night before or the morning of – depending on how much time you have in the morning. I love having ideas in my head because it makes the process of getting ready for school a little easier!

• Sandwiches •

This is of course an absolute staple idea to have in terms of packed lunches. Sandwiches are great because they are so interchangeable – you can have whatever filling you would like in them. Today I opted for a cheese and onion sandwich with mayo, salt and pepper.

• Pasta •

Pasta was something I absolutely loved to have in my bag for lunch times. It was so tasty and also something a little bit more than the average lunch. I always liked to have a vegetable pasta. I would cook the pasta for around 10 minutes, chop up some vegetables and mix them into the pasta alongside some sauce – usually pesto. Such a tasty lunch to look forward too and also really filling!

• Vegetable Wrap •

This was a recipe I found and loved to make towards the end my time at school! Essentially, to make this wrap, fry off onions, courgettes and peppers in a pan with a little oil (or whatever veg is your favourites). Then add some mayo to your wrap and add the vegetable in. I find this lunch idea really filling and also so delicious – would definitely recommend!

These were definitely my three favourite lunches for school and I found them all really filling. Occasionally I would take a ‘side’ with me – which was usually fruit – and a bottle of water. I find these lunch ideas really healthy and they always gave me the energy I needed in the school day.

I would love to know in the comments; what are your favourite lunch ideas for back to school?

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