All-Time Beauty Favourites (... so far)

All-Time Beauty Favourites (... so far)

I have loved so many products since finding skincare and makeup, but there are definitely a few that I constantly go back to and use. Even if I deviate from using any of these products for a while, I always find my way back to using them – which is the sign that they are my all-time beauty faves! So, with that being said, I thought I’d run you through the list, which I’m sure in time will grow in size.

• Garnier Micellar Water •

If you follow my Blog or YouTube Channel, this is the most obvious one, and so I thought I’d put it first in the list. I absolutely love this product and it is the one staple in my skincare routine that never changes. I feel as though I will use this product forever because I haven’t found a makeup remover that I love as much – would 100% recommend.

• No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation •

This product is especially a favourite of mine for the summer months. I find it really light-wearing but also buildable for evening looks, which I think is the perfect mix for a foundation. It gives options and due to No.7 recently coming out with a lighter shade, I now have one that fits my skin-tone really well, which I find is often hard to come by in less expensive foundations. The price of this is also a bonus, being in-between high-end and drugstore.

• Sleek Eyebrow Kit •

I have owned this eyebrow kit for such a long time that the logo on the front is starting to come off – probably a sign that I should buy a new version of it! I find this product super easy to use and it matches my brow colour perfectly.

• Lush Bath Bombs – Butterball •

I love Lush. I remember when I was younger and me and my friends first started going shopping in town just us, we would always end up in lush, and each time I would get myself a bath bomb. My all-time favourite is the Butterball bath bomb – not only does it smell lovely, but it is really kind to my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and moisturised.

• No.7 Gel Nail Varnish •

This is definitely a favourite of mine, my sisters and my Mums. I find that this nail varnish gives my nails a real shine and the colours are so lovely. Whenever I am in boots, I find myself browsing the No.7 counter for any new shades, and if I am picking up a nail varnish, I always grab one from No.7.

For now, those are my all-time beauty favourites. I am sure my list will grow over time, but I am quite strict with what I would call my ultimate favourites – it would have to be something that I wouldn’t hesitate to reach back for, and these 5 products definitely tick that box.

I would love to know in the comments, what are your all-time beauty favourites? I am always interested to know other peoples, because they are usually great recommendations if they are a part of an all-time favourites list – so let me know!!

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