What's In My Blogger Bag?

What's In My Blogger Bag?

I definitely have a different bag that I bring out with me on days where I am taking blog pictures or looking for blog inspiration. There are definitely things I put in my bag that I think are essential for blogging on the go.

• Notebook and Pens •

This is definitely something I always have in my blogger bag. It is perfect for jotting down on-the-go ideas for blog posts or photography ideas. Also, having my notebook to refer back to when looking to write a new post is always handy!

• Camera •

Of course, an obvious one! You never know when the perfect setting might come up for a blog picture, and so making sure that I have my camera on me just in case is key. I also love being aware that I have my camera on me, so I can look out for cool places to take pictures when I am out and about. If I am taking planned photos for my blog, I might take a larger bag and bring my tripod with me – but that really depends.

• Touch-Up Makeup •

Taking a little bit of makeup in your bag – if of course you wear makeup – is great to have with you. I find that if I want to take a picture but have been out all day, being able to reapply a little bit of makeup is perfect and makes things a lot easier for me!

• Phone •

If you want to take a smaller bag out with you, having your phone for pictures is a great alternative to the camera. I have an iPhone and, like many phones these days, the camera on it is actually really good! As well as this, I find that I can also edit pictures on my phone too. So, having my phone as a quick back-up for taking and editing pictures means that when it comes to writing a new post, pictures are ready and waiting to go. Having a phone also means I can again jot ideas down in note-form and find blog inspiration on social media!

That’s everything I tend to keep in my blogger bag. I would love to know in the comments; what do you keep in your blogger bag?

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