The Perfect Summer Iced-Tea

The Perfect Summer Iced-Tea

If you know me or have read many of my posts, you will know I am a huge fan of tea! I love a cup of tea – especially Yorkshire Tea – but the summer months make having a warm cup of tea more difficult. So, this summer I have decided to try and find an equally as lovely iced-tea to ensure I can have as much tea in the summer as I can in the winter haha! So here is my iced-tea recipe.

First of all, the tea I use is the ‘LOV Organic – Summer In LOV’ tea, which can be served hot or iced – which is ideal! The flavour is peach, apricot and hibiscus, and it really is delicious.

• How to Make •

First of all, boil the kettle and pour the boiled water into a teapot filled with as many teabags as you would like, leaving to brew and cool. After the tea has cooled slightly, pour the tea into a separate cooler container and leave to cool fully in the fridge. Once the tea is completely cooled, pour to drink, adding ice and mint for extra flavour!

I love how easy to make this iced tea is and that you have the option to have it warm if you would like. I will definitely be drinking this tea whilst the weather continues to be warm, and I am so glad I have found an iced-tea that I love so much! You can also make as much of this tea as you like, and leave in the fridge to go back and drink as you want – which is great.

What are your favourite flavours of iced-tea?


  1. This looks amazing!! Can you buy the teabags in the supermarket or are they online?
    Fifuelsfitness: https://fifuelsfitness.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you! You can them buy online. Here is the link: https://int.lov-organic.com/summer-in-lov.html


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