The Not Too Distant Future - An Update

The Not Too Distant Future - An Update

If you have been reading my blog for a few months, you will know that the question of whether to go to university or not is one that I have found difficult. I discussed in a previous blog post about the possibility of university and so thought I would give a quick update on what I have decided to do in a separate post. So here is my little life update…

I have decided to go to university and I start in September. It is something I am looking forward to now, but it definitely took some convincing from myself. I have changed the option of where I will attend 3 times now, but have finally settled on a university not to far away from me. This means I can live at home, continue blogging and feel more comfortable at the idea of going to university.

For me, the real difficulties in my decision were; firstly moving away – I have always loved my own space and being at home – and secondly not having enough time to do what I am passionate about – i.e. blogging and YouTube. I had to make sure that both of these things were resolved before I was confident in starting university.
My first issue was quite easily resolved – live at home! Living at home and attending my local university means I can still be involved in the social side of things, but also have my own space and time to solve issue number two of continuing my passions. I am definitely going to have to be more organised but as a starting point, having my own space and being able to set aside time in my week for blogging and YouTube is essential.

I think going to university it going to for sure make me more organised and also will give me another aspect of my life to blog about. The course I am going to be studying is Sociology and so exploring society and understanding people better will be something that will hopefully add more depth to my blog.

It has definitely taken me a while to come to the decision of going to university, but now that I have taken action to make sure that my approach to university is suited directly to me, I am much more comfortable with the prospect of attending.

So, there is just a little life update for my blog, or I guess quite a big one. If you have struggled or are struggling with coming to the decision of whether or not to go to university, I would love if you could share your advice in the comments – for other people who might be unsure. For those of you who are currently unsure yourself, I will leave my previous post about university at the bottom of this one which includes my own advice.

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