Telling My Friends About My Blog

Telling My Friends About My Blog

I am starting this post before I have told people about my Blog. The only people that currently know are my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister, as well as a few of my close friends. I’m not sure why I haven’t told more people; maybe it’s fear of what they might say or even just people being able to see how I express my creativity so freely online. Having said that, it is definitely a hurdle I need to overcome, so I thought I would write this post and document me telling my friends about my blog.

The people who know about my Blog and YouTube channel are so supportive. My family are the best and have been supportive from day one. They are always asking about how it’s going, giving me ideas and wanting to hear all about it. My friend (Evie) is also supportive; she reads all my posts and watches all my videos. Both my family and Evie have always known it’s something I wanted to do, so have been so happy that I started doing something I love.

I know that telling more people shouldn’t be a scary thing, but because I have kept my blog to myself and a very small group for quite a while now, I think I’ve built up telling people into a huge and daunting thing – which really it isn’t.

My brother always encourages me to let people know, saying ‘what’s the point in doing it if you don’t tell people about it?’ – and he is so right! I blog because I love it, and anything else I love doing in life, I let my friends know about, so why should this be any different?


So, it’s a little later and I am going to send out a text to my friends on the group chat. It’s a bit of an awkward ramble of a text haha, but it gets the message of me having a Blog across. I have no doubt that my friends are going to be supportive – they are some of the loveliest girls I know, so I really shouldn’t be nervous to tell them. They have always been such a kind group of people! My mum says I should just send it, so here it goes…


Guys, this has shortly turned into just the greatest day ever! I don’t think I could love my friends more – all of them are so supportive. They are all reading every post, watching my videos, saying such lovely things, one of my friends has shared my post – they are the just the best! I don’t know why I was ever scared to tell them! I am so glad to have such a supportive and lovely group of friends, they have made me feel so happy with their lovely words about my blog and videos.


I am so glad that I have told them and thought I would write a little list of top tips for how to let people know about your own creative projects – if like me it’s something you have kept to yourself!

What are you waiting for?

Ask yourself this question. For me I always thought; ‘I’ll just find my feet and tell people later’. Whilst this might make sense, I was definitely just putting off letting people see my blog – and I shouldn’t have, it’s something to be proud of not to hide. Don’t find an excuse, just tell people.

Know your friends/family and yourself

Being confident in the people you have in your life and knowing they will be supportive is something to remember. Even if that isn’t the case for you, know yourself – if someone says something negative, know that you love being creative and be confident in that.

Just do it

Literally just write a text, have a chat, send them a letter – whatever you want, just let people know! I know the thought can be scary, but just taking the step of telling people and being proud of something you work hard on is such an exciting thing.

I hope this post gives you the push to let people know about your own creative projects, whatever they might be! Spreading the word can be nerve-racking but also a really exciting step in creating.

I would love to know in the comments; what are your experiences of telling people about your creative projects? Do you have any advice for someone who might be nervous to let people know?

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