What's In My Everyday Bag?

What's In My Everyday Bag?

For my everyday bag, I like to keep it simple and have space for anything I might need to add into it throughout the day. I got my bag a while ago, but I will leave a link to one similar here. I don’t like too much in my everyday bag, so here are the necessities that I keep in it;

           1. Purse

           2. All things lips – balm and lipstick I am wearing that day

           3. Phone

          4. Headphones

          5. Chewing gum/ mints

          6. Perfume

This is all that I find that I need in my everyday bag. It leaves a lot of room but equally if I want to take a smaller bag out that day, I can fit everything into it!

What do you keep in your everyday bag?


  1. I always have a mint or chewing gum in there along with tissues, a pen, keys and purse. There's so much rubbish in there it's ridiculous! God knows what you'd find in there.

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

    1. Haha, my bag can be a bit of a mess at times as well, I just throw everything in it throughout the day haha! Pens are definitely a good idea to have in your bag as well!


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