Movie Favourite Of The Month | May 2018

Movie Favourite Of The Month | May 2018

I have decided to create a movie monthly favourites over here on my blog. I love watching films and am always finding new movies whether that be on Netflix, in the cinema or on the TV. So, with that being said, each month I am going to pick my ultimate favourite film of that month and talk about it here on the blog. I would love for you to share your recent favourites in the comments as well.

My Movie Favourite of this month is ‘About Time’, a film written and directed by Richard Curtis, released in 2013, and staring Rachel McAdam’s, Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson, alongside many others.

• The Storyline •

‘About Time’ is a British Romantic-Comedy. Tim Lake’s father tells him a secret following a New Year’s Eve party, that all the men in their family have the ability to travel back through their own lifetime. Following this news, Tim moves to London and soon meets Mary. Whilst the film is based around this romance and Tim’s search for love, it also looks at the relationship between family members, in particular the father-son relationship. The movie is filled with a real warmth, and it is this warmth that has led to this film being a new favourite of mine.

• The Characters •

The character’s in this film are brilliantly written in and acted out. It is the characters that create the cosy atmosphere throughout and who are the main reason why I love this film. Here are a few of my favourites:

· Tim’s Father | Bill Nighy – As always, Bill Nighy is brilliant in this film. Tim’s father is a warm-hearted, funny and caring man. He is potentially my favourite character of this film and really carries the storyline through.

· Tim Lake | Domhnall Gleeson – Tim comes across as a sweet and genuine man, who takes his kindness from his father. His bumbling efforts to find love are key to the storyline, and the lessens he learns throughout the film give it it’s message.

· Mary | Rachel McAdams – Mary is a very put together American character, whose love for Tim is so warming. She is key to the storyline and is played so brilliantly by Rachel McAdams.

· Kit Kat | Lydia Wilson – The addition of Tim’s sister adds real depth and complexity to the film. Kit Kat is a free spirit who is shadowed with darkness and her journey to finding light and happiness is a great addition to the movie.

• The Message •

The overall message of the film is what gives it its’ ultimate brilliance. Not only does this film leave you with a warmth and a cosy feeling, but a sense of how you should live your life differently and appreciate what is around you. I love when rom-coms have a depth you can take away with you. The soundtrack adds to the delivery of the message so brilliantly and the film itself really can give you a new outlook on life.

I absolutely love this film, and I’m sure I will watch it countless more times. Let me know in the comments; have you watched ‘About Time’? What did you think to it? And what were your favourite new films this month?

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