My Sunday Evening Routine

My Sunday Evening Routine

Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week. It is a really relaxed day where you can chill with family or friends and spend the day however you’d like. On a Sunday evening, I like to completely relax and have a pamper evening. So, essentially this is my pamper evening/ Sunday night routine.

• Bubble Bath •
A bubble bath is the perfect way to start any Sunday evening. I like to light a few candles (there are some great cheap ones from Primark or Asda),  put some music on and completely relax. I always love a bath, it’s a great way to start the evening and I love getting out the bath and putting some cosy pyjamas on.

• Watch Something •
After I’ve had a nice bath, I like to put some candles on in my bedroom, make the lighting really cosy, and catch up on my favourite TV series (most likely re-watching Gilmore Girls to be honest). Gilmore Girls is always my Sunday night programme – and most other nights really – because I find it so homely and a real cosy programme to watch. If I’m not watching that, I will most likely find a new film to watch on Netflix, catch up on some YouTube or go downstairs and watch a film with the family.

• Cup of Tea and Snacks •
As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, a cup of tea (Yorkshire tea) is one of my favourite things. It is something else that is really homely and that I always find relaxing. With my cup of tea, I like to have a snack, most likely some chocolate to dip in the tea. I’ve got to say this is probably my favourite part of my Sunday night routine.

• Skincare •
Recently, I have started to have a really simplistic skincare routine because I’ve found that this is what’s best for my skin. So, I simply remove my makeup with my 'Garnier: Micellar Water' and a cotton wool pad. Sometimes I might use a face mask, however I usually just use my ‘The Ordinary: Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution’ with a cotton wool pad. Then, I finish my routine with the ‘Simple: Light Moisturiser’.

So, that completes my Sunday Night Routine. Sunday really is my favourite night of the week, it is so relaxing and really nice to chill before a new week starts. What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday evening?

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