My Favourite TV Shows

My Favourite TV Shows

I love sitting down and watching TV and Netflix. It is a really lovely way to relax in the evening, and there are definitely programmes I go back to each time and watch over.

• The Crown •

Probably one of my most favourite programmes. I love the royals and find them so important to the country, so a programme that explains how The Queen got to where she is today is so interesting to me. All the actors are amazing in it, and my favourites are Claire Foy (playing The Queen) and Vanessa Kirby (playing Princess Margaret). I am also looking forward to finding out more about the modern royals in later series to come.

• Gilmore Girls •

This is my ultimate relaxing programme. Whenever I want to chill and put something comforting and homely on the TV, this is always what I watch. I first found Gilmore Girls about just over a year ago, and I am absolutely loving it. For those who don’t know, it is a programme based around the relationship between a mother and her daughter, and set around the small town they live in. I love this programme and would definitely recommend for a relaxing watch.

• Peaky Blinders •

Peaky Blinders, for those who haven’t seen it, is set in Birmingham, starting after the war. it is based around a gang – ‘The Peaky Blinders’ – and how they essentially make a living. Being more violent than the other programmes so far, I would only recommend if don’t mind that aspect of a programme. I really like this programme; the storylines are brilliant, and the characters are so cleverly written in. this is definitely one of my all-time favourite TV shows.

• Love Island •

Admittedly very different to Peaky Blinders, but also a great show. Every summer, I always look forward to watching Love Island, and seeing lots of single people heading into the villa and finding love or a relationship. I love that throughout the weeks it is aired, it is one every night. I get so invested in all the islanders, and I do have to admit I did get myself a Love Island bottle last summer. I can’t wait for the new series this summer, not long now!!

• Friends •

Friends is a TV show I have watched over and over again. I love that even though I have seen it so many times, it still manages to make me laugh every time I watch. Being based around 6 young people living in New York, it is also a really interesting programme to watch as well as super entertaining. I have always loved Friends and I love that not only is it so funny to watch, but you really get investing in all the characters and all their relationships with one another. I was so happy when it was added to Netflix!!
• This Morning •

This Morning, for anyone who hasn’t seen, is a show in the UK aired every weekday covering lots of topics from news, cooking and mental health. When I was at school, I always used to record the show and watch it when I got home. I absolutely love Holly and Phil and seeing their friendship throughout the show is my favourite part – especially when they can’t stop laughing. I really like this programme, and the team seem to get along so well, which is lovely to see.

I love to catch up on my favourite TV shows. I’m sure there are some that I have forgotten to mention, but the programmes I have spoken about are definitely my favourites. What are your favourite TV shows? Are there any programmes you think I’d love?


  1. I love love love Gilmore Girls! i first watched the series a couple of years ago and since then I'll often randomly re-watch some episodes just because I love feeling like i'm in Stars Hollow for a bit!

    Julia // www.thesundaymode.com

    1. I love Gilmore Girls too, it's such a relaxing show! I wish Stars Hollow was a real place haha, I would love to live there!


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