Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding Baking

Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding Baking

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the royals. I think they always bring such positive news, and I can’t wait for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. With the wedding coming up, I wanted to do some themed baking, so here are some ideas for anyone looking to do the same.

• British Cupcakes •

One of the simplest things to bake is cupcakes, and so I thought if I made some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and decorated them in theme, this would be perfect. So, I went to the shops and found a union jack cake stand, union jack cupcake cases and some cupcake decorations, all from Poundland. This made for a lovely looking cupcake for a good price and made for quite a nice display, potentially good for a street party.

• Victoria Sponge •

When I think of Victoria sponge, I always see it as a very British cake, and so I thought it would be good to make something more traditional to go alongside the more fun cupcakes. I like to decorate the sponge with some simple icing sugar, but you can also put fruit on top to match the jam, or again make it more fun with some themed decorations. Also, the t-shirt I am wearing in the picture is from Asda and I love it because it says ‘When Harry Met Meghan’ – will definitely be wearing that on Saturday.

How will you be spending the Royal Wedding Day on Saturday, and what are your favourite things to bake for such special occasions?

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