Books That Help

Books That Help

Before I start this blog post, I think it is important for me to explain what I think a helpful book is. Whether this be a branded ‘self-help book’ or a fiction novel, for me a book that helps is simply something that changes the way you think about or look at something in your life. Whether that be relating to a character in a fiction book or educating yourself about ways to manage something stressful in your life. Put simply, I like to read books that impact my thinking and comfort me in the everyday.

• Girl Online Trilogy - Zoella •

The first trilogy of books I love are Zoella’s ‘Girl Online’ series. Whilst at school, after a long day of working and reading textbooks, I can’t say the first thing I wanted to do was read, and for this reason whilst studying I rarely did so. However, it was when the ‘Girl Online’ novels were released that I realised what I had been missing. The main reason why this book helped me is that is normalised so many things – anxiety, awkward teenage moments and much more. It seemed to have everything in a book that I wanted. I believe this is something parallel to Zoella’s social media, as she normalises and explains so many things that we all experience throughout our lives. Therefore, these are the first books that helped me in a long time, as whilst distracting me from the stress of school, they also held such a positive and relatable message for me.

• Happy Journal - Fearne Cotton •

Secondly, a book that I have found extremely helpful to me is the ‘Happy Journal’ by Fearne Cotton. As I am writing this post, I am part-way through filling in the Journal. For those who are unfamiliar with this book, it is simply a diary of your own thoughts, that (with prompts from Fearne) pushes for self-reflection and care. The main reason as to why I love this book is that it has helped me understand what actions I need to take to become calmer and happier. It is a way of giving yourself positive tasks and has become part of my routine to relax in the evening. I would recommend this book as it is a place to put down your thoughts rather than having them floating around your mind.

• The F Word - Lily Pebbles •

Another ‘book that helps’ is a recent book I read by Lily Pebbles – ‘The F Word’. I have previously dedicated a whole other blog post to this – which I will leave linked at the bottom of the post – because it is such a good book. It not only normalises female friendships, but it is filled with tips and advice as well as stories along the way. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly because it is such a good read. And (a bit of a sub-point) but it also looks great meaning that when you have finish reading, it will make a great ‘coffee-table-looking' book. So definitely go and pick up this book – I have found it so helpful to read and it has really given me a deeper understanding of female friendships.

• Calm - Fearne Cotton •

My next ‘book that helps’ is another by Fearne Cotton called ‘Calm’. Fearne alongside ‘Calm’ and the ‘Happy Journal’ has written another book called ‘Happy’ and after reading both of the previous, I am definitely going to look to buy the third. ‘Calm’ is a great book, it takes different aspects of your life and encourages a different way of looking at them and offers an approach that pushes you to be calm. I think in this modern age, staying relaxed is difficult because everything is so accessible. I have to say I am guilty of checking my phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning (and undoubtedly many times in-between). Having said that, after reading this book – especially the chapter on ‘Calm and the Outside World’, I am much more inclined to appreciate what is around me and most importantly remain calm. If like me you struggle to switch off and find time to relax in this ever-streaming society, definitely read this book. Further chapters discuss other everyday stress – something I love as not all those who struggle with their mental health struggle in extremes. Whether talking about family, friends or our environment, this book is great for those who simply struggle with everyday stresses.

So, there are my top ‘books that help’. I would definitely suggest that if anyone hasn’t read these books that they go and pick them up from the local book shop. They are all great reads, and I’m sure I will read them all again at some point in the future.

I would love to know in the comments your favourite books that help you, because I would love to find more books that I can read and get advice and comfort from – let me know!

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  1. I have only recently, properly fallen in love with Lily Pebbles, and ‘The F Word’ is something I feel I need in my life, even more so after reading this post! I’ve never read Zoella’s books, but they sound really good so I may have to pick those up as well.. 🙊

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk ✨

    1. Thank you for reading my post! They are such good books, I would definitely recommend picking them up! I have recently fallen in love with Lily Pebbles as well - just in time for her book!! Glad you enjoyed the post x


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