My Dog: Stanley

My Dog: Stanley

Recently, my little dog Stanley turned 2. For anyone interested; he is a mix between a Border Terrier and a Jack Russel. I’m not entirely sure what you would call this breed, but he is adorable.

Before Stan came along, we already had 2 dogs; Lottie (Border Terrier) and Gem (Labrador). They are our family pets, and they are lovely. Lottie is a bit of a diva I must admit. If she is somewhere comfy and you call her to come to you, she will roll over and wait, so you are forced to go over and carry her from one place to the next; but I love her nonetheless. Gem on the other hand is the most well-behaved dog you can come across. She is almost scared to put a foot wrong and definitely keeps Lottie and Stanley in order. She is the oldest of the 3 and really is the perfect dog.

Despite having 2 family dogs already, I had always wanted my own; a dog that belonged solely to me and who was my responsibility to look after. This is when Stan came along. After a while of convincing my parents that getting another dog was the way to go, they finally thought that the idea was a good one. I was definitely persistent with my persuading, and so in all honesty I think they just let me get Stanley, so I didn’t keep asking! At the time, both my sister and brother were at university, and so there were as many dogs as there were people in the house; which I thought was rather fun at the time.

Stanley has always been quite a lively dog. He seems to have so much energy that I don’t think any number of walks would really ever be ‘enough’ for him. I personally like the fact that he is energetic, it makes him really comical. Despite the fact that he had so much energy, he was rather a timid puppy when he first arrived home – he seemed to be scared of cars and anything that we might drop on the floor. If something was unfamiliar to him, he was afraid of it. I think the mix of energetic and shy made him a unique puppy, and so in the future I might write a post on my tips for getting a puppy and getting used to their personality. Luckily for me, my friend got a similar dog to me at the same time, with her dog being just 3 days older than Stanley. This meant that along with my experience with having 2 family dogs, I was able to get her advice on raising a puppy; which was really helpful.

Stanley is such a lovely dog, I wouldn't trade him for the world and I thought he deserved his own little blog post for him to be introduced.  I would love to know if you have any dogs of your own and what you love most about them?

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