Podcast: 'This Week I've Been Watching'

Podcast: 'This Week I've Been Watching'

In each episode of my podcast called 'This Week I've Been Watching', I chat through a film or TV show that I have been watching that week - sharing fun facts, my thoughts and creating a cosy space to chat about all things film and tv.

I am a  film and tv student from York in the UK and am such a fan of watching lots of different movies and tv programmes, and I don't know about you but i have a list on my phone full of things that i want to watch - whether thats recommendations from a friend or family member, old classics that I haven't got around to watching yet or new releases. Whenever I do get around to watching something on that list, I also often find myself researching more about whatever I've just seen and sharing those things with family and friends.

So i decided to start this podcast to share those same thoughts and findings with you and to make my way through my ever-growing watch list of tv shows and movies.

In each episode of the podcast, i will be talking through a tv programme or film that i have watched that week - chatting about any fun facts and stories i've found out about , the plot itself and my own thoughts on it. I'm really looking forward to this podcast being a cosy and calming space to talk about all things film and tv, and to hopefully creating a nice club for anyone who might also love talking about whatever they have been watching that week.

I have an Instagram page and a TikTok for the podcast so feel free to give those a follow to keep up to date with all things podcast related and we can hopefully create a really lovely community of film and tv fans

New episodes of the podcast will be up every Thursday.

Where to find the podcast:

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