Thoughts From Digital Detox Day

Thoughts From Digital Detox Day

On Saturday, I took a digital detox day, spending the whole day completely offline. This was part of a campaign by Zoe Sugg, Jordan Stephens, I Am Whole and Lush about the relationship with social media and our mental health (link all about it here), a topic that I believe is of such importance. The campaign last week, which concluded with a digital detox day, gave space for so many meaningful conversations and I feel as though I’ve taken so much away from both these discussions, and from having a digital detox day.

Thoughts From Digital Detox Day

Before Saturday’s digital detox day, I had previously had days where I didn’t post online but would occasionally still go on the social media apps to see what others were putting on their stories and feeds. So, having a complete digital detox day was something I was really looking forward to, and I was interested to see what my experience would be like. I spent my day with family and had such a lovely time chatting and laughing with those around me. 

I realised how much I would naturally want to go to my phone to check social media throughout the day, mainly when there was some sort of a ‘gap’ - for example walking to a café or waiting in a queue. I realised that these gaps don’t need filling with social media and can be filled instead with what is happening around me and what I loved about not going online in these moments is that it allowed me to feel truly present. 

Through this digital detox day, I was able to consider a balance with social media that is good for me. For someone who really enjoys creating content online, it was great to hear conversations through this campaign about both the ways in which social media can be wonderful, as well as the difficulties that can be found in the online space. Through this, it gave me an opportunity to really consider my relationship with social media and the effect it has on my mental health by looking to which aspects of social media I enjoy, and reflecting on which aspects don’t make me feel so good and how I can adapt these. This encouraged me to think about ways that I can tailor my experience online to suit me. 

So, here are a few of the things I will be doing moving forward with social media, to help make my online experience more positive for me.
  • Follow people whose posts I love and bring a smile to my day 
  • Post content that I enjoy creating (which for me is content which hopefully brings other people a smile, as well as content where I speak about topics that are important to me)
  • Spend less time scrolling pointlessly & instead fill any 'gaps' with what is happening around me
  • Don’t feel the need to have social media accounts on every social media platform
  • MORE DETOX DAYS - I just loved having a day where I didn’t go on social media and found it really beneficial. I felt more present in the moments happening throughout my day, was more creatively inspired by the world around me, and loved the opportunity it gave me to truly reflect on the relationship with social media and my mental health. Having a digital detox day is definitely something I am going to do regularly moving forward. 
Thank you to everyone involved in the campaign. I truly have come away with so much after listening to last week’s important and meaningful conversations and from Saturday’s digital detox day. 

I would love to know in the comments; how did you find digital detox day?

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  1. Lovely post! I personally didn't participate as I had nothing going on that day and I was alone, so I would've probably been very anxious without something to do on my phone, I really hope I can do my own digital detox day one day though 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿


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