Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

Yesterday evening, I was lucky enough to be a guest on BBC Radio York. It was so lovely to have a chat about my blog and my YouTube channel and do something a little out of my comfort zone. And that’s what I wanted to chat about today, the importance of and fun that can be found in seeking experiences that are out of our comfort zones.

Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

Before the interview yesterday, I was definitely a bit nervous - which of course is absolutely normal before chatting on the radio. And this was a sign to me that this experience was going to be outside of my everyday comfort zone. What I discovered when chatting on the radio was that as soon as I stepped outside of my comfort zone, there was so much fun to be found there. Once the interview began, my nerves were put at ease and I began to really enjoy the chat I was having on the radio.

This is where I realised that venturing out of our comfort zones can be such a positive thing. It can be in these experiences that we discover something that we really enjoy and that helps us grow, progress and move forward.

Of course, everybody’s comfort zone looks different - what is comfortable for one person might not be for another. I would encourage anyone to consider something that might be out of your comfort zone that you know could be a wonderful experience - and to give this a go. Whether it’s starting that blog you’ve always wanted to start, answering a question in a uni seminar or business meeting, or learning a new skill, doing something positive that is outside of our comfort zone can be such a great thing to do for our own self-progress and moves forward.

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