Music Monthly Favourites | August 2020

Music Monthly Favourites | August 2020

Hello and happy Monday. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and start to the week. In today’s blog post, I wanted to share - as I do each month here on my blog - my recent music favourites. I love writing these posts because they feel like a real snapshot of what songs I am loving at the time of writing, and I like the idea of looking back through them to see what music I was loving at different points in time. So, with that being said, onto this month’s favourites.

Music Monthly Favourites | August 2020

My Future - Billie Eilish

I listened to this song soon after Barack Obama added it to his summer playlist, and I loved it straight away. I like that the song starts with a calm and chill vibe, with the tempo picking up towards the end of the song. I also enjoy how uplifting the message is and I have found myself listening to this song a good few times throughout August.

Mariposa - Peach Tree Rascals

If you are on TikTok, I’m sure you have most likely heard this song. That is where I came across it this month, and I have been loving listening to it. The vibe is upbeat and happy, and it is a really chill song to listen to throughout the day.

Fine Line Album - Harry Styles

Out of all the music I have been listening to throughout August, this album has probably been played the most. I think the songs on the album are so beautifully written and put together. Some of my favourites this month have been; Fine Line, Cherry, To Be So Lonely and Canyon Moon. This album has for sure been one of my favourites throughout August, and I have really enjoyed listening to it more throughout this month.

As always, I would love to know in the comments; what music have you been loving throughout August?

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