How I Like To Plan My Week

How I Like To Plan My Week

Recently, I have been spending a little bit of time each Sunday planning my time for the week ahead. I do this in my bullet journal and I really enjoy this time of my week, because it gives me space set intentions and look forward to a new week. Now that I have formed a routine around planning for my week that suits me, I thought I would share my process in a blog post today.

How I Like To Plan My Week

Weekly Goals

I like to start out my planning routine by setting goals for the week ahead. This can be anything from filming a new YouTube video that makes me smile, meditating each morning or (this week’s goal) decorating my room. Whatever the goals might be, I really enjoy setting weekly goals because they allow me to see a positive overview for what I hope for in the week ahead.

Word of the week

This is essentially the time in my planning process where I set a theme for the new week - a word/idea that I would like to carry with me throughout each day. This again is another lovely way to look forward to the coming week and set an intention.

Key dates of the week

In my bullet journal, each week I draw out a diary outline, and at this point of my planning process I like to write in a couple of the key things coming up that week. It might be a blog post or a plan with family/a friend, and jotting that down in my diary is a great way of scheduling out my time and seeing an overview of my week.

Daily Goals

I have spoken before on my blog about the benefits of daily goals, and I really do enjoy setting two or three goals for myself each day to not only give me a focus and a structure for the week, but also to plan things in that I will love doing. In previous weeks these goals have been things like baking, going for a walk or editing a new video, and I really enjoy planning out these goals on a Sunday ready for the new week.


This is the part of my routine where I bring everything together. I like to plan out my time a little more specifically at this stage and essentially pencil in the timings of each day and when I would like to do certain things - with focus on my daily goals and key dates. I use the phrase ‘pencil in’ because throughout the week these plans might naturally change and so they can be adapted if this is the case.

I have enjoyed spending some time recently each Sunday planning out my time for the week ahead. It gives me opportunity to set lovely intentions for a new week, and also plan out what I would like to do each day. I would love to know in the comments; what ways do you like to plan for a new week?

How I Like To Plan My Week

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