All Things Vision Boards

All Things Vision Boards

A ‘vision board’ is defined as:

‘A collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation’

I have had a vision board for nearly a year now, and I absolutely loved creating it, and have enjoyed adding to it along the way. I have found my vision board great because it acts as a positive space to jot down my goals as well as acting as a great reminder of them when I look at it each day. I have also recently become a bit more familiar with manifestation, and I feel that having a vision board is a helpful part of that process for me. So, in today’s blog post I wanted to chat all things vision boards - including how I make my own and the benefits that I have found in them.

All Things Vision Boards

How I make my vision board

One aspect of vision boards that I love is how you can personalise them - adding sections that suit you and creating aesthetically pleasing boards that you are happy with and love to come back to. The most important part of this for me is splitting my vision board into different sections. These will of course differ depending on the individual, and for me personally I like to split my vision board into;

Personal Goals (Mind, Body & Soul)

This accounts for a big majority of my vision board and includes things that I would like to add/continue to add into my days that make me feel good (mind, body and soul). So, this could be meditation, yoga, exercise, spending time with family and friends - it is essentially the self-care aspect of my vison board, and one that I love coming back to.

YouTube and Blog

Creating content for this blog and my YouTube channel is a big part of my week, and so I wanted to create a section on my vision board personalised to this, where I write down goals for both platforms, as well as inspiration for the kind of content I would like to create.

At the moment, these are the two main sections of my vision board and moving forward I will definitely continue to add to this - so, for example, when university starts again in September, I will look to add a few goals for my 3rd year onto my vision board.

I love that a vision board can be adapted over time and really acts as a blank canvas for planning out your goals and wishes for the present and the future.

All Things Vision Boards

The Benefits I Have Found


I have found that having a vision board and being able to see my goals written down in front of me is such a good way of believing in them. For me, believing in a goal that I might have is a really important step of working towards it, and making a vision board can help create positivity surrounding these goals and a sense of confidence in them. 

A Reminder and Motivation

One thing that I have found key to having a vision board is referring back to it regularly and reading through each separate part. I find this a great way of having my goals fresh in my mind which helps provide further motivation to put them into action. I have found that this is also a good aspect of manifesting goals, because I am reminding myself of them positively each day.


I am a big fan of doing things that are positive and creative - and a vision board can be just that. When I first made my vision board, one thing that I loved about it was the fun in jotting down my goals creatively, adding images and drawing pictures. I love the creative aspect of gathering ideas, putting that down on paper and adding to them over time. It is a really fun way of creating goals because you can make your own - for example, my brother has recently made a video version of a vision board, which is such a cool way to see how creative you can get with it.  

There are so many other benefits that people have found in creating vision boards. I personally really enjoy the process of creating one and using it as a tool for putting my goals into action and believing in them.

I would love to know in the comments; do you have a vision board? And if so, what is something you love about having one?

All Things Vision Boards

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