My Favourite Feel-Good Films

My Favourite Feel-Good Films

I absolutely love feel-good movies. My all-time favourite movies to watch are ones that are uplifting, and there are so many wonderful and lovely films like this to see. So, with that being said, in today’s blog post I thought I would share some of my favourite feel-good movies with you that I have absolutely loved watching. 

My Favourite Feel-Good Films
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  1. About Time
  2. Sunshine On Leith
  3. Mamma Mia
  4. The Holiday
  5. Dirty Dancing
  6. What We Did On Our Holiday
  7. Notting Hill
  8. The Proposal
  9. Love Actually
  10. Frozen (One + Two)
  11. The Parent Trap
  12. 27 Dresses

I would love to know some of your favourite feel-good movies, so feel free to share some of your top recommendations in the comments.

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