Self-Care At Home

Self-Care At Home

At the moment, we are all spending lots of time at home. It’s affecting different people in different ways, but one thing that I believe is important for everyone right now is self-care. In today’s post, I wanted to share my favourite things to do for self-care whilst at home and hopefully give you a few ideas of something that might be helpful to you. Everyone has different ways of finding that sense of calm, and so please feel free to share in the comments what you like to do for self-care at home.

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At the moment, there are a lot of things happening around the world and it can be quite a lot to process. Something that I have found really useful is journaling. It is a great way of thinking through how I am feeling and getting it down on paper. I also love to practice gratitude when I am journaling. Each morning I like to write down 3 things that I am grateful for and I find that to be a lovely and calming way to start the day.

A focused task

Something that has been super beneficial for me is to spend time in the day on a focused task. Whether it be painting, reading a good book or cooking some food, having a task to dedicate all your focus to can be really great for finding that sense of calm. I try to have at least one of these kinds of activities within each day, and have so far found that really beneficial.


Another thing that has been helping me feel a sense of calm right now is having a routine. I like when my days have a rhythm to them - it is a great way to feel organised and feel as though the day is full of ways to spend my time. Your routine can be full of anything you have to or want to do throughout the day. For me, to give just a few examples, my days always include walking the dogs, making some food at lunch time and watching my favourite cosy programme (which is of course Gilmore Girls), so planning when I am doing each of these things is really helpful in feeling as though there is an order to my day.

Connecting with people

Finding new ways to connect with people at this time is such a wonderful thing to do. Whether it is writing someone a letter, speaking to someone on the phone or having a group FaceTime, finding fun ways to keep in touch with people is a great thing. Staying connected to others makes me feel good and reminds me the importance of the family and friends I am blessed to have in my life.


I absolutely love music. If you follow my blog you will know this because not only do I love listening to music all the time, I also really enjoy sharing the music I love over here on my blog. Music brings me such happiness and calm, and it is something that I know I will always have such a love for. Something I love to do for self-care therefore is to put on some of my favourite songs throughout the day - whether it be whilst I’m getting ready, when I’m cooking dinner or as I am taking pictures for my blog, having music on helps me feel good and gives me chance to have a bit of a sing and dance throughout my days.

I would love to know in the comments what you love to do for self-care at home.

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