My Approach to Journaling

My Approach to Journaling

I have always loved journaling - even before I really knew much about it. I started countless diaries when I was younger, and I absolutely love reading those back. They are full of memories and good times, and it really is great to be reminded of lovely things that I felt I wanted to write down. One thing that I always found, however, was that all my journals only ever lasted for a few months - I would forget to write for a few weeks and that would be that. Recently, I have found a new approach to journaling that I wanted to share with you today.

My Approach to Journaling
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Putting pen to paper

One reason I feel as though I used to stop updating my journals after just a few months is because I felt I didn’t know what kind of thing I wanted to include in an entry. Something that I always find useful when writing now is the thought of putting pen to paper and just seeing where this takes you. Some of my favourite entries are the ones where I simply just started writing and jotted down whatever came to mind. This is something I would really recommend for anyone who may be unsure what to write, just put pen to paper with the first thing that comes to mind and see where this take you.

Write when you feel like writing

A second reason why I feel as though I never stuck to journaling is because I felt compelled to write in my journal every single day. An approach that I have found suits me better is writing when I feel like it rather than every day. This way, not only do I feel that what I am saying is of greater meaning to me, but also it makes the process of knowing what to write down a lot easier.

The benefits of journaling

One thing that I love to remember when I am journaling is the benefits that it holds. It is a great way of getting how you are feeling down on paper and being able to process how you are feeling too. This is something I always like to remember when I’m writing an entry, because I really do find journaling beneficial for self-care, and so it is nice to have this in mind when sitting down to write.

I have loved journaling this way recently. It has been a really beneficial approach and makes me look forward to putting pen to paper.

I would love to know in the comments; do you like to journal and if so what is your approach?

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