Little Mix | Inspirational People

Little Mix | Inspirational People

I love Little Mix - their music, their personalities, their love for their fans. I have really enjoyed following their journey ever since the early days, and so it felt right today that I write an inspirational people post for Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy. They are four incredible women and I wanted to celebrate that in today’s post and to thank them for how they inspire me and so many people around the world.


I will start with the obvious - their amazing music. As I am writing this, their new song ‘Break Up Song’ is out at midnight tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. Each of their songs is incredible and on every album their talents shine through. Possibly my fave thing about their music is the message. There is always such a good message behind each song, whether it be to raise awareness for equality, encourage people to feel empowered or to get people up dancing and having a good time, their music is always so positive. Their music makes me feel empowered, joyful and truly inspired.

Using their voices

One of my absolute favourite things about Little Mix is that they use their platform to raise awareness and speak up about topics of importance. From LGBT+ rights to mental health to gender equality, each member of Little Mix has taken the time to talk about topics that are of such importance. It is so important to speak up and use our voices, and Little Mix really inspire me and of course many others to do this. Little Mix speak through their music, in interviews, on their social media, in their book and more recently in a documentary and to see how each member of the group uses their platform to do so is of such inspiration to me. Discussing such topics can make such an impact on people’s lives and help so many and I am so grateful to Little Mix for using their platforms to do this.


Something I have always loved about Little Mix is their positive attitude. I have watched so many of their interviews because their positivity always makes me feel good. It is so lovely to see people with such a sense of fun and it inspires me to approach my day with positive vibes. I love that this positivity comes out in their interviews, their social media platforms and of course their music because, as I mentioned earlier, that has such a great impact on so many people, including myself.

I just wanted to say at the end of this post thank you so much to Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie for being such an inspiration. I am so grateful to be a fan of such wonderful, inspiring and talented people. Thank you for your music, using your voices and platforms to speak up on important topics and for your positivity.


  1. Little Mix are so inspiring and positive! Like you, I have also been a fan since the early days. Great post ��

    Emily | https://emilylesleymiller.blogspot.com


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