Happy 2nd Birthday To My Blog

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Blog

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I uploaded those first few posts onto my blog, or even that it has been a year ago since I celebrated one year of blogging. It seems to have flown by, and I'm sure that it is because I enjoy every minute of it so much. Blogging has become such a love of mine and creating content on here along with my YouTube channel is my absolute favourite thing to do.

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One of my favourite things about blogging is that it really does feel like an online journal - full of things I am doing at that moment in time and also topics of real importance to me. It is really lovely to be able to look back at snapshots of different moments across the past 2 years and be able to link that post to a place in time. Especially with the 'Life Lately' posts that I have started to write, it makes my blog feel like somewhat of an online diary and I really love taking days like today to look back at it all.

I also wanted to take today to thank anyone who follows my blog or YouTube channel. It is always such a good feeling to receive a lovely comment or message of support, and I am so grateful for anyone who has taken the time to read a post or watch a video. Creating content is something I absolutely love, and a really lovely part of that for me is interacting with people online. So thank you for any support you may have shown over the past 2 years.

I still love blogging the same if not more than when I first started. It has become such a passion and real love of mine, and I am really looking forward to continuing with it all. I feel as though I have reached a point, particularly in the past few months, where I have a real sense more than ever of the kind of content I want to make and so that makes the future of my blog really exciting for me. I am looking forward to continuing to write about my life in the form of an online journal, and also speak about topics that are really important to me such as mental health.

I am really enjoying my journey of blogging so far, and am really looking forward to continuing this fun road - I hope you will join me along the way!

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