3 Reasons Why I Love Living in York

3 Reasons Why I Love Living in York

I have lived in York for as long as I can remember, and I absolutely love the city. I have realised that I have never written a pure appreciation post for York and so today I wanted to sit down and write about my favourite city, and luckily my home - York!

3 Reasons I Love Living in York (image)
Picture of the Minster at the end of a road

The People

The first thing that I absolutely love about York is the people that I am fortunate enough to have around me living here. From my lovely family to my friends, I am so grateful to have the best people in my life living here in York. It is so lovely to experience and make memories in this beautiful city with such wonderful people.

The Beauty

Last week, I spent a few hours walking around York with my camera, and taking pictures of the beauty that was around me. There are so many gorgeous streets and pretty sights and so I took so many pictures. And, of course, I must mention the Minster here - it is so beautiful inside and out and every time I walk past the Minster it feels so surreal because of how amazing it is and always makes me feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

3 Reasons I Love Living in York (image)
Picture of The Minster

The Food

For sure one of my favourite things about York is the amount of lovely places there are to go and eat. There are so many caf├ęs and restaurants and so I'll just share a few of my faves in this post.

  • York Cocoa Works - for the best hot chocolate ever!!
  • Gustos - one of my fave Italians in town, such cute vibes inside.
  • Lucias - so lovely to sit outside under the heat-lamps with blankets.
  • Dyl's - such a gorgeous and cosy space to eat, the top room in particular is so lovely to sit in with a group of friends.
I could go on forever about my favourite places to eat in York, but I will leave it there today and be sure to do a whole, detailed post at some point soon about my top recommendations. 

I absolutely love living in York, and feel so fortunate to be in this beautiful city with wonderful people around me. I would love to know in the comments your favourite things about the places that you live. 


  1. I visited York last year and I fell in love with the city.

    1. Amazing, I'm so glad you loved it, it is my fave!!


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