My Guide to Self-Care on a Busy Day

My Guide to Self-Care on a Busy Day

On a busy day, it can often be easy to put self-care to the back of our minds. Our days can be so full of things that need to be done, that we can forget to look after ourselves as we go. I have realised recently that this doesn’t have to be the case, and there are great ways in which we can incorporate self-care into our busiest days. I wanted to share a few tips with you today, in the hopes that it will give you some inspiration and help you to find pockets of calm within the busiest of days.

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Waking up earlier

Setting our alarm a little bit earlier than usual can be really helpful in giving us that time to ourselves before we begin the day. Whether it be 10 minutes, or half an hour, I would really recommend setting your alarm earlier and using this time for self-care. Something that I love to do with this time in the morning is to meditate. This helps me to feel more of a sense of calm throughout the day, and there are some amazing apps out there (such as Headspace and Calm), that guide you through some brilliant meditation sessions.

Making the necessary fun

Whether it’s a morning commute, cooking dinner in the evening or doing the weekly shop, making the most of these must-do tasks can be a great way of feeling good throughout our busy days. Listening to a new favourite podcast on your way to school, uni or work, doing the weekly shop with a friend or putting on your most loved playlist whilst you prepare some food are all great ways of making those necessary tasks more enjoyable, something which can be really beneficial to us throughout the day.

Step by step

Often, it is the overwhelming feeling of how much we have to achieve within one 12-hour day that has the potential to make us feel a lack of calm. So, something I would really recommend is breaking down your day into manageable chunks. I like to sit down and plan my day out pretty much hour by hour. It is important when doing this to be realistic with what we can achieve so that we can stick to our plan and feel a sense of achievement when we get things done bit by bit. Something that’s also great about this is that it means you can plan in me-time for self-care, and so you know that you have this to look forward to throughout your day. I have found planning out my time really beneficial in feeling a real sense of calm throughout a busy day.

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I would really recommend trying out each of the tips mentioned above. I have found each really great for me, especially in my understanding that self-care can be a part of even our busiest day.

I hope you have found this blog post to be helpful, and I would love to know in the comments; what are your top tips for self-care on a busy day?


  1. These are some great tips! I use headspace and calm too. I find they're so good to remove any anxiety before I go to bed. I also started listening to Audiobooks before uni which I find so calming!|Meera-Abroad

    1. Thank you. I find Headspace and Calm amazing. Audiobooks are a great idea, I would love to listen to some - let me know any recommendations. Thank you for your comment!


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