My Goals For February 2020

My Goals For February 2020

The start of a new month always feels like a little fresh start, and so I always find it a great opportunity to create monthly goals. This months goals are all focused on things that I enjoy and are beneficial to me. It is so important to look after ourselves and do the things we love, and that is this months focus for me.

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The gym

Last month, I decided to join the gym and I have absolutely loved it so far. I have found that not only is it of course good for physical health, but I have also noticed such a difference to how I am feeling on the days where I go and workout. I find myself feeling more productive and motivated, and I also feel more of a sense of calm throughout my day. So, throughout February, I want to continue my new found love for the gym, and enjoy the benefits of exercise. 

Ukulele learning

If you have read my recent Life Lately post, you will know that I have been teaching myself how to play the ukulele. My goal this month is to keep practicing and learn more of my favourite songs on the ukulele. I really love the sound of the ukulele and find it so fun to pick up and spend an hour or so learning some new songs. 

Planning the week on Sunday

Another goal for me this month is to sit down on a Sunday evening and plan out the week ahead. This is something that I have been doing more of, but want to ensure that I do every week from now on. I want to plan in uni work, blog posts and videos, and doing things for myself (like spending time with loved-ones, going to the gym etc.). This is a great thing to do because it means you know that any work you have to do is going to get done, but also you know that there are lovely things for you to look forward to throughout the week. I'm really looking forward to planning my week on a Sunday from now on!

These are my 3 main goals for February 2020. I am really looking forward to the month ahead, and I would love to know in the comments (as always); what are your goals for February 2020? 

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