Music Monthly Favourites | February 2020

Music Monthly Favourites | February 2020

It's coming to the end of another month, which over here on my blog means one thing... music monthly favourites time! This month I have been listening to most of my music in the car, and so a lot of the songs on February's list are perfect for driving and singing along to in the car!

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Strange - Celeste

Of course, with it being February, a big event in music this month was The Brits. I adore watching the Brits programme, I always get so excited to watch every single performance. This year, one of my absolute favourite performances was by Celeste, who was singing her song 'Strange'. The lyrics of this song are incredible and I instantly fell in love with it.  Celeste won the 'Rising Star' award at this years Brits and her performance was incredible.

A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

An absolute classic that I have been listening to so much throughout February. This song is brilliant and I have always gone back to listening to it. The lyrics, the message, the melody - everything about this song I love. This is for sure one that gets the volume turned right up in the car - love it!

Be My Baby - HoneyWire

I originally came across this song in one of Claudia Sulewski's YouTube videos, and absolutely loved the vibe of it. I really love that it is a modern spin on a song that I already love, and it is the perfect driving song. I have really enjoyed having this song play throughout February and feel as though it sets a really chill and happy vibe.

Lemonade Album - Beyoncé

I have the CD of this album constantly in my car, so it is always a go to to put on. This month I have been listening to it so much and just find it such an amazing collection of music! I was told on Spotify earlier this week that I am in Beyoncé's top 1% of fans on Spotify and that couldn't be more true because I constantly have Beyoncé playing. I just love all of Beyoncé music and this month has been no different. 

That is pretty much it this month in terms of new music I have been listening to. Alongside this list, I have also been listening to songs I have loved for a long time, so feel free to go back through my older music monthly favourite posts to see more of the songs I have been listening to.

As always, let me know in the comments; what music have you been listening to throughout this past month?

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