A Little Note On... Peace

A Little Note On... Peace


Freedom from disturbance; tranquility

Peace is such a wonderful thing. To be in the present moment; not thinking about things that have happened in the past or worrying about what's to come in the future. Completely being at one with where you are.

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In life, there are many things that make me feel at peace. My family is a big one for me; they are supportive, accepting, kind and loving and whenever I am around them or talking to them on the phone I feel a clear sense of peace. As well as those around me, my peaceful moments can often come from seemingly small places; a beautiful view, a song, writing, capturing moments on my camera. I feel grateful that there are many things in life that bring me peace.

A beautiful form of peace, I believe, is that which comes from within. When your mind, body and soul are at one with each other and what is around you and where you feel a sense of calm and peace from the inside out. What I love about this form of peace is that it is often somewhat contagious. What I mean by this is that when your energy is peaceful, it often resonates with people and things around you.

For me, peace offers a real level of clarity. This is why I hold on so dearly to peaceful moments and those around me as well as that within me that brings those moments into being.

A Little Note On Peace (picture)

Peace is something that takes time to work on, especially in those more difficult moments in life. I do believe that if everyone takes time to focus on what brings them peace around them and within them, pockets of peace can then be found in everyday living, and I truly hope that everybody in life finds inner peace.

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