'A Little Note On...' | Introducing a New Blog Series

'A Little Note On...' | Introducing a New Blog Series

Over on my blog, I have a few difference spaces that I return to in the form of a series. From my Music Monthly Favourites, to my Life Lately posts, to my Monthly Goals, I really love having series on my blog. So, today I wanted to introduce you to a new series over here on my blog called 'A Little Note On...'.

This new series is something I am SO looking forward to. The premise of the series is that each post will be a focused and relaxed chat about a different topic area. I have wanted to have a space on my blog for a while where I can share my thoughts on more specific talking points. Whether it be a little note on; joy, the gym, change, meditation, work or confidence, I really want the things I chat about in this new series to be wide-ranging.

Another part of the series I am looking forward to is creating a conversation in the comments. I would love to get people talking in the comments about each topic - so feel free to share your thoughts on each post. I love the idea of creating a safe and encouraging space where people can chat about each subject and share their 'little note on' whatever might be the topic of conversation that day.

I really hope you enjoy the series, and I am so looking forward to having a space where I can share my thoughts about a wide range of topic areas. I hope that if you follow along with the series you enjoy it as well.

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