Life Lately #2: New Adventures and Hobbies

Life Lately #2: New Adventures and Hobbies

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post called Life Lately and I really enjoyed jotting down what I had been up to and having that post as a lovely reminder to look back on. So, I've decided to make it a regular feature over here on my blog and have each post as a little snapshot of my life at that time. With that being said, let's start today's post which includes my brother's new adventure and chatting all about my new hobbies.

Joe's New Adventure

Earlier this month, my brother set off on his travels to Bali and Australia. My Mum, Dad and I drove Joe to the train station and hugged him goodbye. I am so excited for Joe and to hear all about the places he finds, the people he meets and the meaningful moments of his travels. 

Life Lately #2: New Adventures and Hobbies (picture of me, my brother and mum)
Picture of my mum and I before my brother set off on his travels

Joining the Gym

I am super excited about this new addition to my weekly life. My university course doesn't have too many contact hours, and so recently I found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands. And so, I decided it was a good decision for me to join the gym. Not only is exercise good for us physically, but it is also really beneficial for our minds, and I have already found that when I start the day by going to the gym, I am not only more productive and motivated throughout the rest of my day, but also feel better and have a sense of calm throughout the day. 

I Finished A Book

For the first time in a good few years I read a book! I decided to read 'A Keeper by Graham Norton' and I absolutely loved every second of it. It has for sure made me want to read more from now on. The plot was amazing and the way the book was writing and structured was so so good! I have actually just filmed a video all about the book which will be up on Sunday if you want to know more.

Life Lately #2: New Adventures and Hobbies (picture of me with a book)
Picture of me with the book 'A Keeper' by Graham Norton

Learning the Ukulele

This is something new that I am really enjoying at the moment. I remembered when I came home last weekend that my brother had a ukulele and he very kindly said I could use it to begin to learn how to play. I love the sound and tone of the ukulele and so far am finding it really fun to learn. It is another good way of filling spare time at uni with something that makes me feel good which I love.

Life Lately #2: New Adventures and Hobbies (picture of ukulele)
Picture of my ukulele

So, there is a diary-like snapshot of my life lately. I hope you enjoy these posts and feel free to share in the comments what you have been up to recently!

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