January To-Do List

January To-Do List

I love writing to-do lists. They give me a sense of focus and it is also a really satisfying feeling to tick things off the list when they're done. It feels particularly refreshing in January with it being the start of a new year. Whilst I like to write productive things on my to-do lists, I find it lovely to have these lists filled with fun things to do that I know I will really enjoy throughout the month. So, with that being said, I thought I would share my January to-do list with you today.

January To-Do List (picture)
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  • Have a little break from social media 
  • Start a new healthy habit - e.g. meditation
  • Write a letter to yourself to open next year
  • Clean your space to make it feel more calm- both digital and physical 
  • Find a new book to read
  • Have a movie night (I would recommend Little Women - amazing!)
  • Go on winter walks with friends and family - it's so refreshing to get outside!
  • Discover new, fun recipes to cook
As I have said, writing lists filled with lovely ideas of things to do throughout the month ahead is something I really enjoy doing. I would love to knowing the comments; what's on your January To-Do List?

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