Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings

Self-care is so important for everyone. Recently, I have been aiming to make self-care a part of my everyday life, and one way that I like to do this is to have a mindful morning. I like to wake up a little bit earlier and give myself time in the morning for self-care. With that being said, I wanted to chat through a few things I love to do when having a mindful morning.


I absolutely love meditation. It is definitely something that takes practice and something that I am still learning about, but luckily there are so many amazing apps out there to help us. I love Headspace and Calm, which are both great guided meditation apps. I have found that meditation is such a great way to start the day as it allows me to begin the day with a sense of peace and calm.

Write it down

As well as meditating, something that really helps me to find a sense of calm is to write things down in what I like to call a thought journal. I like to write down how I am feeling as well as using this time as a chance to reflect on things so that I can better understand what situations bring me joy and peace and how I can better help myself in certain stressful situations. This isn’t necessarily something I do every single morning, but whenever I feel I would benefit from writing things down, I find it is really lovely way to begin the day. I also like to use my journal as a space to write down things that I am grateful for as this in itself helps in bringing that sense of calm.


Yoga is another thing that I have been learning more about and that I really love. What I enjoy about yoga is that it is such a mindful activity that also allows for gentle exercise. I love that it encompasses both the mind and body and allows you to feel more awareness of yourself and your space. I have found yoga amazing for a giving a peaceful and mindful feeling. I am definitely not the best at yoga, but I think that it is nice to know that you don’t have to be fantastic at yoga to get a lot out of it. I would recommend checking out YogaByAdrienne on YouTube because I absolutely love her channel and the way she guides you through yoga. Yoga is something I find so beneficial and love to include in a mindful morning.

Self-care is such a wonderful thing and I always love finding different things that help me to find a sense of calm. I would love to know in the comments; what do you love to do for self-care?

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