My Goals For December 2019

My Goals For December 2019

I can't believe I am writing my goals for the last month of this year, it seems to have come around so fast. I am so excited that December is just around the corner. It is my favourite time of year - I love all of the festivities and everything that comes along with Christmas. So, with the new year coming up soon, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make my last goals of 2019!

Write things down

Throughout December, I want to make a thoughts journal where I jot down how I am feeling at different points of the month. This is something that was recommended to me to help with a sense of calm throughout the day, and is something that I have already started to do and have found to be really beneficial. I think it is a really lovely opportunity to reflect on how we are feeling. Getting thoughts onto paper has always been a helpful tool for me, and so I want to make a little extra effort this month to do just that.

Bake all the Christmassy goods

I absolutely love baking, and I feel as though Christmas is a wonderful time to get creative and bake some fun recipes. I also think that baking something for somebody else is a lovely gesture at this time of year, and so I want to try and experiment with new recipes and share them with those around me throughout December.

Make extra time for self-care

Generally speaking, I am good at giving myself time to look after myself, however recently - whilst I have been busy with university work - I seem to have not been doing this as much as I normally love to. So, towards the end of the year I want to schedule in time for me. Whether I am watching my favourite movie, catching up with friends and family or going for a walk with the dogs, I want to make extra time for me throughout December (and continuing into the new year) because self-care is so important.

My 5 A DAY for Christmas

No... this one isn't fruit and veg related haha! As you may know if you read my blog or follow my YouTube channel, I ADORE Christmas and so I cannot wait for all the festive fun to begin! So, with that being said, I have decided that over on my YouTube channel I will be uploading a new video every single day from the 1st December up until Christmas Day! I haven't actually announced this on my channel yet (so there is a fun little exclusive haha). I am really looking forward to it. It should be super fun and the idea behind it is that each video will be around 5 minutes long everyday (hence the name)! I hope you come along and welcome in the Christmas time over on my channel with me.

So, that concludes all of my goals for not only December but 2019!! These monthly goals are some of my favourite things to write down each month, and it is definitely something I am going to continue doing into the New Year.

As always, let me know in the comments; what are you goals for December 2019?

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