How To Host The Perfect Birthday Breakfast

How To Host The Perfect Birthday Breakfast

This morning was my friend Izzy's birthday, and so we decided to host a lovely birthday breakfast. It was so much fun to get cooking, decorate the table and get excited for the birthday fun ahead. Birthday breakfasts are such a kind gesture and lovely thing to do for someone when they wake up on their birthday. So, in today's post I thought it would be fun to share all of my top tips for hosting the perfect birthday breakfast for your friends.

The Food

The key to any birthday breakfast is making some lovely food. My top recommendation is pancakes - not only are they delicious, but they are super fun to make too. Also, having different fillings in bowls places around the table makes for a lovely aesthetic. My favourite fillings are strawberries, honey, raspberries, chocolate spread, sugar, bananas... I mean the list goes on haha! Picking a few of the birthday person's favourites is always a good idea. I will leave a link to my favourite pancake recipe here. I prefer the thin pancakes, but American pancakes are also fun to make, so I will leave a link to my favourite recipe for those here.


Decorating the kitchen with birthday banners, colourful balloons and a few fairy lights makes for an extra special touch to the birthday breakfast. What is great about decorating for a birthday is that it doesn't have to cost loads - there are so many fun DIY ideas, and you can also pick up some great decorations for really good value from places like Poundland. It adds a little extra fun to an already love idea of hosting a birthday breakfast.


As you might not if you follow my blog, you know that I love music and think it adds such a good vibe to any occasion. With a birthday breakfast, this is no different. There are so many great birthday playlists on Spotify and YouTube or you can also make your own full of the birthday person's favourite tunes. Another fun idea is to find songs from the year the person was born and put them all together for the birthday breakfast - this is what we did and it was so much fun!

Hosting a birthday breakfast is such a lovely thing to do for someone's birthday. It is really thoughtful and also makes for a really enjoyable way to spend a birthday morning.

Let me know in the comments if you host your own birthday breakfast for a friend or family member, and also any extra tips you might have for the hosting process.

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