World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day which acts as a great opportunity to have open conversations about mental health. Whether you are opening up about your own mental health or giving your friend a safe space to open up about how they are feeling, a conversation can make such a difference.

We all have mental health, lets talk about.   

The Power of a Conversation

Having a conversation about our mental health is so powerful. The simple act of asking how someone is and really listening to what they’ve got to say can make such a huge difference to their mental health journey. Equally, being open about your own mental health experiences to those around you can be a great help to your own journey. 

A Helpful Resource

I wanted to leave this resource in today’s blog post about 10 Keys to Happier Living. The resource is from Actions For Happiness via MHFA England and is essentially 10 helpful tips to boost your mental well-being.

However small a step you think you might be taking today, it can really make a huge difference not only to those around you, but to your own mental health as well and mean that these open conversations about mental health can carry on beyond World Mental Health Day. 

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