Introducing Essence (@the_essence_hub)

Introducing Essence (@the_essence_hub)

Introducing Essence... a hub of positivity, self-care, mental well-being and inspiration on Instagram. For a while now, I have wanted to have this type of account. I tried to incorporate similar ideas into by other instagram account '@eve_martha_', but I felt as though I wanted it to be its own space online, for me to spread important and positive messages, uplift others and raise awareness for mental well-being.

So, along came Essence (@the_essence_hub). It is an account I am really looking forward to running and posting on, and am already really excited to hit 'share' on the things I already have planned. My first post went up on Sunday and it was an intro video about all things 'Essence'. So, I thought I would put a link to that video in this post to explain a little more about what Essence is and why I decided to create the page. I'll also leave a link to the new Instagram as well as my other Instagram account at the bottom of this post.

I hope that if you choose to follow @the_essence_hub that you find it a really positive space to be.

Eve Martha

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