Zoe Sugg | Inspirational People

Zoe Sugg | Inspirational People

I have written a post very similar to this before called ‘My Thank You Letter to Zoe Sugg’, all about the reasons I am grateful to have had such a kind and successful business woman to look up to throughout my teenage years. I wanted to write a more up-to-date post to include in my Inspirational People section of my blog because it didn’t feel right not to put someone who has been one of my biggest inspirations for so many reasons into this new part of my blog. So, without further ado (is that the saying haha?), let’s get on with today’s post. 

The Start

Zoe Sugg started her blog in 2009, when very little people knew much about the blogging world and when online diaries and spaces to chat were very much in their early years. Zoe would discuss her favourite beauty, skincare and make-up products and started her YouTube channel shortly after. What I find so inspirational about the start of Zoe’s blogging and YouTube uploads is that she had the courage to start something when not too many people were trying it out. I know that when I started my blog, whilst I was nervous to tell people, many were familiar with what blogging and creating video content was. I find it of such inspiration that Zoe went for it with something different because she completely enjoyed being creative.

Mental Health

This is something I referenced in my thank you letter post, but it is of such significance to me and so many others that I wanted to make sure I wrote it down today. Zoe Sugg is someone who speaks so openly about her mental health journey and more specifically her experience with anxiety. She has undoubtedly helped thousands of people (including myself) in feeling they can be open and have conversations about mental health, something which is so important to do. From creating such videos online, Zoe has in turn become an ambassador for the charity Mind and continues to share her experiences online. Zoe was one of the first public figures I had come across who spoke about her anxiety, and I will be forever grateful for her honesty and ability to help others through sharing. It is always of such inspiration to me, especially when I write blog posts and upload videos about mental health myself. With such posts, I always strive to help others, and to have Zoe to look up to who has helped countless people in this way is completely inspirational to me.


One thing that I have always said about Zoe’s content is that I find it so uplifting. I always feel good when I have watched her videos and am so inspired by her constant efforts to make her space on the internet a positive, honest and lovely space to be. Over on my blog, I always aim for my blog to be a nice place in the online world for people to visit, and so to have someone who has done this for so many years to look up to is completely inspiring. It is also so lovely to have somewhere to go on the internet that I know is guaranteed to make me feel happy.

Continued Success

From starting her blog over 10 years ago, Zoe Sugg has gone on to achieve so much. The millions of subscribers, an appearance on Bake Off, building her team at A to Z Creatives, her Zoella Beauty and Lifestyle ranges, Zoe’s work with charities, her 4 amazing books… I mean let’s face it, the list is endless. Her undoubted success as a business woman has been amazing to see and, as a young girl, right through my teenage years it has been so amazing to have such a strong, successful and lovely person to look up to.

I think what I said in my interview with Blogosphere Magazine sums up why Zoe inspires me the most:

‘Online there are so many chances to be influenced by so many different people, so I feel quite lucky to have had a strong business woman who is also a really kind person to look up to.’

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