What I Have Learnt About Blogging | My Advice

What I Have Learnt About Blogging | My Advice

I’ve been blogging for over a year, and even though that’s a relatively short time to be in the blogging world, I wanted to take this point to share a few pieces of advice for those who are thinking of started or have just started a blog. Blogging is one of my favourite things to do, because not only is it fun to write and take pictures, but it is also fun to do something where you learn along the way. So, let this be a little pitstop of all the things I have picked up so far. 

Patience and no pressure

One thing I love about blogging is interacting with people who have read a post. Being a relatively new blogger myself, this isn’t always guaranteed. It takes a while for people to come across your content and get to know you through your blog. Something that has been difficult at times is having patience, but I do feel as though it is great to have. Things take time, and it isn’t too likely that your blog will be seen by loads of people in the first few posts. So, try your best to be patient with it. What’s great about this is that it takes off the pressure of numbers and also means your create content for the best reasons - because you love to!

Write about what you love

This is a piece of advice that I remember seeing myself before starting my blog, and it couldn’t be truer. Don’t worry if you don’t know what topics you love to write about yet. It can often take a lot of trial and error to figure that out which is absolutely fine. Write about what you feel like discussing in the moment and what you love to talk about in day-to-day life. The great thing about blogging is that you can write about literally anything and so whilst it’s good having categories that you discuss on your blog; it is absolutely fine if these change or grow with time. Essentially, write about what you love at the time - that way you tend to be more excited to click publish on a new post.

Love what you write

This is something that took me a little while to learn, and something I am still working on. When I started blogging, I literally only told my family and a few friends because I almost felt shy and worried that people wouldn’t get it or would find it strange. But what I have learnt is that blogging is an extension of myself and the things I love, and so it is something that I should be proud of. So, one of my main pieces of advice to new bloggers is to completely embrace your blog. Let it be a part of your life that you are happy to chat about and be proud of the content you create.

Build along the way

One thing that has the potential to be a little overwhelming at first is equipment. Cameras, lights, props, laptops. It seems as though there is a lot of money to be spent on blogging when starting out. What I would say about this is that it is more often than not a myth. Whilst it is fun to have props and lights and all the rest of it, these are things you can build up over time. They are not needed when you first start out. You can literally start a great blog from your phone, and so (a little like tip one) have patience and take the pressure off. Focus on your content and the rest can be built up over time.

I hope these tips are helpful for new bloggers. I know they’re not tips in the sense of how to physically go about setting up and creating a blog, but I will leave a link to a blog that I find SO useful for all things technical about blogging that you can find here: https://xomisse.com

Photos by @izsal_photography (on Instagram)

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