Spice World Tour 2019

Spice World Tour 2019

On Friday, my brother and I went to watch the Spice Girls and they were AMAZING! We put on our matching Spice Girls T-shirts (admittedly my idea haha) and headed to Manchester to see the Spice girls perform. It was honestly one of the best concerts I ever been to and I loved so much about the show. So, I wanted to write a blog post all about it today and tell you all about how much fun the concert was.

There were so many things about the show that I loved. The first thing that really stood out to me about the night was the vibe of the stadium. The Spice Girls worked to make the show completely inclusive with everyone feeling as though they could be themselves. People fully embraced the vibe of the evening which meant the atmosphere was so positive and fun - I absolutely loved it. Everyone was there to have a good night and that alongside the Spice Girls creating an inclusive environment made for an amazing evening! Also, during the show every member of the audience had a band on that would light up different colours dependent on the song - which was another great way that the concert involved the audience in the night.

The Spice Girls also sounded amazing - everyone song was so fun to listen to and sing along with! They would speak in-between songs and it was so nice to hear them chat away with each other and with the audience. I thought they put on such a good show! There was also a proposal in the middle of the show which was SO exciting. Two men came on stage and were introduced as competition winners and when they were asked if they had anything to say to the audience - on of them proposed - he said yes! The show was full of so many lovely moments like that.

As well as the Spice Girls themselves being amazing, the dancers were also incredible. They were the first to come on stage and were separated into 4 houses - Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger - which I thought added a really fun and different vibe to the show. When the Spice Girls would leave stage to change their outfits, the dancers would perform and they were honestly incredible. There was a few contemporary dance performances and I thought it was so cool and fun to watch and have that be a part of the show.  There was so much to the concert! Fireworks and confetti were constant throughout the show. At one point the confetti was shaped like butterflies and because they were all multi-coloured it was so cool to see them float around the stadium.

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the concert. It's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed the night and the atmosphere that was created by the Spice Girls. Inclusive, positive, colourful and fun! I had such a great evening and wish I could go an experience it all over again. Thank you to Gerri, Melanie C, Mel B and Emma for creating such a fab show and if you are lucky enough to go and see them on the rest of their tour, you're in for a treat!!

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