My Goals For June 2019

My Goals For June 2019

I am writing this blog post sitting on the sofa with Keeping Up With The Kardashians on in the background and am wearing my comfiest of PJs. This has pretty much been my position for the past few days haha - I am taking full advantage of having finished my exams! May was full of exams and so pretty much all my goals for last month were based around revision and work. So, this month’s goals are more life-based and I’m really looking forward to jotting them down in this month’s post!

Get ready to move out

Exciting news!! As you may know if you follow my blog, for the past year I have been a commuting student, living at my family home. For second year at uni, I decided I was ready to move out and I get the keys in July!! I will probably not move in properly until I start uni, but I will definitely gradually move a few of my things in until then. So, through June I want to get a few bits ready for getting the keys and moving. I am sure I will write blog posts along the way and film the process, and I am really excited to get organised this month ready to move out!

Read, read, read

Now that I have more time on my hands with the end of exams, I really want to read more. I have a few books in mind and might even chat about books I am reading over here on my blog! I think reading will be so much better for me than spending spare time on social media, and also, I know there are so many good books out there and I really want to read different stories. As well as novels, I also have a few books in mind that are more non-fiction that I can’t wait to read!


Throughout May, I found the account ‘Yoga With Adriene’ on YouTube and have started to follow along with her sessions. She has such a mix of sessions that can target certain areas, be calming, be energising - she really has lots of great yoga sessions on her channel! So, this month I want to do yoga more. It is really good for not only your body but also your mind and so I really want to make yoga a part of my weekly life this month.

So, they are my 3 main goals for June 2019! I would love to know in the comments; what are your goals for this month?

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