Music Monthly Favourites | May 2019

Music Monthly Favourites | May 2019

I love looking back at music that I have listened to when writing these music Monthly Favourites. I had exams throughout May and so had a lot of work and revision to do. But, as always, I did find time to listen to lots of music and so I wanted to share some new songs I came across throughout May in a blog post.

Leave Fast - Sam Fender

Sam Fender is an artist that I only recently started listening to and I’m not too sure where I came across his music. He performed on the Graham Norton Show recently, so it might have been on there. Anyway haha, I really love his music. The lyrics are always so thought-provoking and this song in particular is one of his more chilled songs and I really love it! His voice sounds amazing on it and I think the way he seems to write his lyrics is so clever.

These Arms Of Mine (Live Acoustic) - Marc Broussard

These Arms Of Mine is a song that I absolutely love, and I usually listen to Otis Redding singing it (if you read my last Music Monthly Favourites you will know how much I love listening to Otis Redding haha). I was on YouTube watching different versions of people singing this song and came across the acoustic version by Mac Broussard. I absolutely love the way he sings These Arms Of Mine and it has quickly become one of my favourite versions of the song. His voice is amazing, and I love the acoustic version with just the piano and guitar - LOVE!

The Spice Girls

On the 31st May, I was lucky enough to have tickets to go and see The Spice Girls with my brother at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Honestly on of the best if not the best concert I’ve ever been to - I wrote a whole blog post about it which I will link here if you want to read all about it. So, this month has been pretty full of listening to The Spice Girls, whose songs I absolutely love! A few of my favourites are; Who Do You Think You Are, The Lady Is A Vamp, Say You’ll Be There, Spice Up Your Life … I mean I could list them all haha!

I’m Here - Cynthia Erivo

I came across this song on YouTube from a video of Cynthia Erivo singing it on stage in the musical The Colour Purple. Her performance of this song was absolutely amazing, and so I instantly added it to my playlist. Since listening to it more and more this month, I just really love the song and think Cynthia Erivo’s voice sounds absolutely amazing on it!

I think I will leave my Music Monthly Favourites there for today! As always, let me know in the comments what songs you have been loving this month because I always love to find new music recommendations to listen to.

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