I Changed My Approach To Instagram... Again

I Changed My Approach To Instagram... Again

A few months ago, over on my blog I wrote a blog post all about my new approach to Instagram. I spoke about how I was inspired to make my photos more of a reflection of me and how I wanted my Instagram to be a more positive space to be. Whilst I was feeling better about what I was posting over on my Instagram, I knew it still wasn’t 100% me and the message I wanted to spread. And so recently, I changed my approach to Instagram… again!

Until the recent changes I have made on my Instagram, I was so concerned with making my feed flow from picture to picture and having a nice theme that I lost sight of the message I wanted to spread and the topics I wanted to speak about. I wanted people to come to my Instagram and feel uplifted and inspired and whilst I liked my previous pictures, I felt as though I could do more to make my Instagram I positive space to be.

So, a few months ago, I decided that things were going to be a little bit different over on my Instagram. If you read my blog or watch the ‘Take Time’ videos that I upload onto my YouTube channel, you will know that I speak regularly about mental well-being. As I often say in these videos, I am not an expert, I speak from my own experiences. Mental health is something that we all have, and so it is really important to talk about. Over on my Instagram, I want to speak more about mental health in the hopes of spreading awareness and encouraging others to be open about their own experiences.

This is what I have been doing over the past few months. I have been posting regularly about self-care and positivity and have really enjoyed focusing my time on writing about topics that mean something to me. Whilst there are still pictures of me on my Instagram, they are in-between quotes and sayings that allow me to start a conversation with my caption.

What I also love about the new type of pictures I am posting is that each feel like a mini-blog post. I absolutely love writing on my blog, especially when the topic is of real importance, and so taking this over to my Instagram in short-form has been something that I have really enjoyed.

The hopes with posting more about positivity and self-care over on my Instagram is that it will help someone. I know that, having started to follow more positive accounts on Instagram, I find their posts really inspiring and calming, and feel as though they often give me a chance to reflect on my own feelings. My hopes with my new type of content is that those who read it can feel a similar way. I would love to raise awareness for self-care, positivity and the importance of speaking openly about mental health.

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eve_martha_/

I would love to know in the comments; what are your favourite positive accounts on Instagram?

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