Apps For Our Minds

Apps For Our Minds

My phone is something that I pretty much always have on or near me, and so finding apps that are beneficial for our minds means that these positive apps and helpful resources are always with me. There are lots of great apps that are specifically for mental health, and I have found several that have been great for my mind in the past. I wanted to share them in a post today to recommend those which have helped me, but also create a conversation of recommended apps for our minds in the comments, so feel free to leave them below.


Headspace is essentially a guided meditation app. There are several sessions you are able to get for free, which is a really great way of being able to see whether it is beneficial for you before you look to spend any money. The guided meditation is brilliant on the app, the gentleman who is the voice and co-founder of headspace (alongside Richard Pierson) is called Andy Puddicombe, who was recently on This Morning speaking about the app. He spent time as a Buddhist Monk and later was inspired to create Headspace. I would 100% recommend this app as it has helped me and has also been of benefit to lots of other people.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app that has 15k free meditations, with an option of premium membership. What I love about this app is that as well as offering guided meditation, it also has a timer which means for those who prefer to meditate without a guide, you are able to have this experience. You can also choose the length of time you want to meditate, which is perfect for tailoring meditation to any situation.


Calm is another popular app that takes the form of guided meditation. There are several different categories of guided meditation, which enables you to tailor the app to what suits and helps your mind. For example, there are categories on Sleep and anxiety, as well as self-care and developing gratitude through meditation. This app has currently got the availability of a 7-day free trial, and also offers some free options of meditation - another great opportunity to try the app out before spending any money. This is an app that I personally love and would recommend to anyone.

There are so many amazing apps out there that are so beneficial and helpful for our minds and the three that I have mentioned today have been personally great for me. It would be great, as I have mentioned, to start a conversation in the comments about apps for mental health and wellbeing that you would recommend.

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